Responsible gaming of RummyBank

At RummyBank, we value our customers seriously and want to go that extra mile to make sure that you are enjoying the RummyBank experience responsibly.

Our responsible gaming policy consists of several measures to ensure that "you" - the user, continue to play and enjoy your favorite rummy experience at RummyBank, in a safe and sustainable manner. Our responsible gaming policy aims to help you avoid potentially adverse consequences of continuous gaming.

Our objective as a business and a market leader is to provide you a platform that is "purely a source of entertainment". While most of you are casual rummy players who play online for entertainment, stress-busting, competition and challenges, we want to make sure that you are here for the right reasons and have some advice for you to keep in mind while you are playing:

While playing online rummy on RummyBank, we suggest that you keep track of time and money that you spend on RummyBank – in short, set a maximum amount of time for this game and abide it

If you end up losing multiple rummy games continuously, take a break. You’re not on you’re A-game today and there are more skilled players out there who could have just gotten the better of you

You can move to lower your ‘add cash’ limits at any point in time..

If you have lost more than your daily budget, pause your activity and come back in a few days. Do not try and spend more time and money to get back what you have lost for now – you can do this another time while playing within your limits.

Other customer protection measures available to you:

RummyBank pro-actively takes steps from time to time and identify if you are at risk of falling into i rresponsible gaming patterns and will notify you immediately via emails, notifications and personalized phone calls.

RummyBank prioritizes your safety and have measures taken by to promote responsible play and have fixed daily and monthly purchase limits to your account.

If you find yourself getting irritable and restless because you are playing everyday, pause, reflect and ask yourself some of these questions:

Is the time I spend on playing on RummyBank interfering with my work and other responsibilities?

Are you playing to escape real problems or issues in your life?

Are you playing to make up for previous losses on RummyBank?

Our customer care agents are well trained to recognize responsible gaming issues and then take the necessary steps required to make sure that you have an enjoyable gaming experience.